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It is what Linkage does not offer is what sets them apart: They don’t tell me what I want to hear. They don’t let me give up. They don’t tell me what to do, they show me how to do it, why it needs to be done, and how I will benefit from it.

“After going through a difficult surgery with post-op complications I didn’t know where to turn for further help. My first meeting with Vince was refreshing. He was there to listen, ask questions and was already planning a strategy for my recovery at my first appointment. I am thankful for Vince at Pain & Injury Solutions Inc for helping me get my life back.”

“Vince is amazing in his ability to identify the source of pain and provide solutions that work. He helped me through plantar fasciitis and shoulder problems. I would recommend Pain & Injury Solutions Inc. to anyone.”

“Katie is a wonderful massage therapist that is an obvious natural when it comes to a healing touch.  She is very knowledgeable, caring and tuned into her clients.  The Thai/Swedish combo massage is a real treat for anyone with joint pain or stiffness.  The combination of assisted stretching and traditional Swedish massage technique covers all the therapeutic bases and leaves me feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world!  I highly recommend Katie to anyone, she is a gifted therapist with a kind heart.”

“Vince Catteruccia, RKT, is an exceptional health care provider. He has excellent assessment and manual skills. He also educates his clientele in self-management skills which promotes independence from ongoing passive care.”

Top Qualities: Creative Expert Great Results

“I would say that the Caring and Serving culture at Pain & Injury Solutions Inc is exactly what the ‘doctor ordered’ for me.”

“Creative approach to wellness, certainly not confined to book knowledge. Provides care from the heart, both as an athlete and as a professional. Understands what our body is so desperately attempting to communicate. Is motivated by a body’s gratitude…and definitely attentive to its suffering. This body is one of many, grateful for VC’s talent!”

Top Qualities: Creative Expert Great Results
Pain and Injury Solutions

A multidisciplinary team that challenges the way you think about your health by providing effective and efficient solutions for muscuoloskeletal pain and injury. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions that return your body to its optimal performance level.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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Linkage, LLC

A nontraditional fitness facility offering highly personalized corrective exercise and adaptive strength and conditioning to help every body move better. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions to move you past your perceived physical limitations.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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