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graphPain & Injury Solutions Inc. is a multi-disciplinary team that challenges the way you think about your health. We provide the best care, efficient solutions, and results for musculoskeletal pain or injury. At Pain & Injury Solutions Inc., we are experts in isolating your weakest link and providing simple solutions to return you to your optimal performance level.  An innovative combination of professional credentials, global learning and lifelong training, enables us to help those not helped by the Big Med system.  Our success comes from our sense of urgency for your care and our personalized plans that hold both us, and you, accountable for your journey towards wellness. We embody a collective passion dedicated to helping people move beyond pain or perceived physical limitations.

We believe in being a wellness advocate for every individual by incorporating all aspects pertaining to exercise, injury, nutrition or past health concerns. We do this by demonstrating an advanced practical proficiency in functional anatomy and kinesiology, a mastery of strength training and practical objective movement assessment, the use of manual therapy techniques, and the ability to efficiently design both rehabilitative and sports performance exercise programs.

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  • Non-Responding Physical Therapy Cases: Those who are not responding as quickly or at all to their current therapy protocols.
  • Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Cases: Those who have lived with their nagging shoulder, neck or low back and looking for an efficient & effective resolution.
  • Worker’s Compensation Cases: We pride ourselves in having the ability to help someone return-to-work quickly without the worry of re-injury or re-occurrence.

Improving Fitness with Pain & Injury Solutions Inc.

  • Strong, yet stuck: Those who have been fit for years, but either suffer from a joint issue or just want to take their work outs to the next level.  Once your pain or injury has been assessed, Pain & Injury Solutions Inc. works with Linkage llc to create your corrective exercise plan.
  • Preparing for an event: Runners, triathletes, cyclists, etc. need to be stronger. 95% of the people we meet think they understand their core, but most are still lacking a proper foundation. We assess movement and weakness, and then create a plan to take you to the next level.

“After going through a difficult surgery with post-op complications I didn’t know where to turn for further help. My first meeting with Vince was refreshing. He was there to listen, ask questions and was already planning a strategy for my recovery at my first appointment. I am thankful for Vince at Pain & Injury Solutions Inc for helping me get my life back.”

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Pain and Injury Solutions

A multidisciplinary team that challenges the way you think about your health by providing effective and efficient solutions for muscuoloskeletal pain and injury. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions that return your body to its optimal performance level.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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Linkage, LLC

A nontraditional fitness facility offering highly personalized corrective exercise and adaptive strength and conditioning to help every body move better. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions to move you past your perceived physical limitations.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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