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Our Services:


  • Gait analysis
  • Postural assessment
  • Anti-gravity assessment of muscular tension
  • Weight symmetry
  • Muscle length testing
  • Manual strength testing
  • Range of motion testing
  • Movement evaluation


Manual Therapy

  • Treatment of rotator cuff, neck pain, shoulder dysfunction, mid/low back pain, hip/leg pain, knee/ankle injury, foot pain, etc.





Corrective Exercise

  • Exercises designed specifically for your unique injury or pain.
  • Functional movements designed to rehabilitate your body.



“Creative approach to wellness, certainly not confined to book knowledge. Provides care from the heart, both as an athlete and as a professional. Understands what our body is so desperately attempting to communicate. Is motivated by a body’s gratitude…and definitely attentive to its suffering. This body is one of many, grateful for VC’s talent!”

Top Qualities: Creative Expert Great Results
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Pain and Injury Solutions

A multidisciplinary team that challenges the way you think about your health by providing effective and efficient solutions for muscuoloskeletal pain and injury. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions that return your body to its optimal performance level.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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Linkage, LLC

A nontraditional fitness facility offering highly personalized corrective exercise and adaptive strength and conditioning to help every body move better. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions to move you past your perceived physical limitations.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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