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“Reading about our expertise catches your attention, but hearing how we change people’s lives brings you in.”



After years of debilitating back pain and no results from surgeries, chiropractic and physical therapy, Jason thought he would never be able function normally again.  He was referred out of the Big Med system to Pain & Injury Solutions Inc. and he was on his way to recovery.

Ty Montgomery

Hear NFL Running back Ty Montgomery explain what sets Dr. Vince apart from other pain specialists and why he will keep coming back.


Mark Brodhagen suffered from shoulder and back pain due to repetitive postures at work. Hear how meeting Vince and the team transformed his life.


After finding he was having trouble breathing, Bradley found himself wanting a healthier lifestyle. When a friend recommended Vince Catteruccia, Bradley started a consistent workout routine, and friendship, that altered his life forever.


When physical therapy failed to help Karen after a car accident, she was ready to try an alternative to the Big Med system. Hear her story of how Pain & Injury Solutions rehabilitated her back to a functioning state.


Following 15 surgeries and countless rehab therapy from a motorcycle accident, Jennifer was at her wit’s end trying to solve her pain. She came to Pain & Injury Solutions expecting just pain management therapy, but after the team created a specific plan for her unique injury, she found herself able to walk again.

“Vince Catteruccia, RKT, is an exceptional health care provider. He has excellent assessment and manual skills. He also educates his clientele in self-management skills which promotes independence from ongoing passive care.”

Top Qualities: Creative Expert Great Results
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Pain and Injury Solutions

A multidisciplinary team that challenges the way you think about your health by providing effective and efficient solutions for muscuoloskeletal pain and injury. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions that return your body to its optimal performance level.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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Linkage, LLC

A nontraditional fitness facility offering highly personalized corrective exercise and adaptive strength and conditioning to help every body move better. Experts in isolating your weakest link, we provide simple solutions to move you past your perceived physical limitations.

Everybody moves. We help every Body move better.

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